Stroking Classes

TBISC is setting up 1-hour stroking classes at The Rink @JCube on
      Tuesdays   6:15 PM - 7:15 PM

Current dates: 13 Oct 2015, 20 Oct 2015, 27 Oct 2015, 3 Nov 2015, 17 Nov 2015

The stroking classes will be on 2/3 of the rink surface. Classes will be conducted by TBISC coaches, led by Lee Chow Ying and Cheryl Khoo. We will work on power, agility and speed, as well as various moves in the field. We expect the skater to be proficient in basic skating, including forward/backward crossovers, 3-turns, mohawks and spirals.  If you are uncertain about your level, you should check with your coach.

We encourage all skaters to sign up for the full session.  However, skaters who are only able to make it for half hour may request to do either first half (6:15-6:45PM) or second half (6:45-7:15PM).  Priority will be given to skaters signing up for full-session and skaters requesting half-session who have lesson on the 1/3 ice during the session.

The skater's fee for full-session, including ice time and coaching, is
      $70 per session for TBISC members / $80 per session for non-members.

The skater's fee for half-session, including ice time and coaching, is
      $40 per half session for TBISC members / $45 per half session for non-members

To register, please submit the Stroking Class Form, after which please proceed to the payment options page.

Registration deadline is Friday 9 Oct 2015, 10:00PM.
Please note that payment must be received by this time to confirm your ice time registration. We will email you with your registration confirmation after the deadline, so please ensure the email address you provide is correct.

Thank you.